Last Blog Post…For Real This Time

I appreciate all of the feedback I have received on this blog over the last year, but unfortunately it is time for me to pull the plug on Homeless in New York City…for real this time.

Thank you all again for your insight, opinions and discussions.

– Clare


A Friend’s Dilemma

Last weekend, a friend of mine found a homeless person sleeping in her building’s lobby.  It freaked her out and she asked for advice.  I didn’t know what to tell her.

What’s so bad about a homeless man seeking refuge in a heated building if he’s not bothering anybody?  On the other hand, what if he followed my friend to her apartment where she lives alone?  How do we know he’s harmless?

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Top Model Tackles Homelessness

America's Next Top Model

Photo Taken From

I shouldn’t be ashamed to admit it.  I downloaded an episode of “America’s Next Top Model.” But I was thrown for a loop when supermodel Tyra Banks attempted to address homelessness on the show. 

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Final Post…Maybe

Homeless in New York City was started as a requirement for a graduate journalism class at New York University. Now that I’ve completed my masters degree, it’s time for me to pull the plug on this blog…sort of. Blogging, writing and producing slideshows and podcasts about the homeless has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I hope that this blog has inspired someone to take action. And I’m not quite willing to let go just yet.

I will no longer be posting twice weekly on this site, although I will continue to blog periodically and check comments on the site. And I am still always open for suggestions. It has been a pleasure.

Twelve Children Dead in NYC Homeless Shelters

Few people want to sleep in homeless shelters.  But it is a last resort for many desperate individuals and families who have nowhere else to go.  Unfortunately, not all of them make it out of these shelters alive.

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Vogue Audio Slide Show

vogue.jpgPhoto Photo and Audio Slide Show By Clare Trapasso

This post isn’t about homelessness.  It’s about gay, New York City culture that I covered in my magazine story.  In the late 1970s, gay, black culture started holding balls in the city.  These balls were a combination of model runway, female look-alike and dance competitions.  A dancing style called vogue grew out of this subculture, which Madonna immortalized in the song.

I went to a mini-ball last night, which a few of the residents at Sylvia’s Place sometimes attend.  The ball began at 3:30 a.m. in Chinatown.  I should warn you that sound quality is poor (no one could leave the loud club without having to pay to get back inside) and I wasn’t able to capture many motion pictures without significant blurring on my camera.  But I thought that the slide show was interesting enough to post.  Click this link to view it.  

Key West Soup Kitchen Audio Slide Show

St. Mary’s Soup KitchenI Photo and Audio Slide Show By Clare Trapasso

I created an audio slide show at St. Mary’s Soup Kitchen in Key West.  Click on this link to see the slideshow.